Pigeonbay Breeder Buyer - Easter Sunday Offer!

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Pigeonbay Breeder Buyer - Easter Sunday Offer!

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Pigeonbay Breeder Buyer x 2 - Easter Sunday Offer!

Purchase 2 Breeder Buyer entries and get the following 4 items delivered to your door FREE. That's correct...absolutely FREE! You are saving an incredible £32.96! Only at Pigeonbay will you find deals this good!

1. Pronafit Smoke Bombs - £12.00

2. Loft Training Whistle - £3.99

3. Pigeon Racing Mug - £5.99

4. Loft Notebook - £5.99

We have teamed up with The British Masters International One Loft Race to offer a fantastic Breeder Buyer for members of Pigeonbay! Any bird bought or sold on Pigeonbay will automatically qualify the seller and buyer into the event!  The Pigeonbay Breeder Buyer will be open to all members who live in the United Kingdom and the winner will be selected from a panel of 5 judges when all performances have been submitted following the end of the young bird season.

1st Prize - Breeder £500 Voucher - Buyer £500 Voucher for team of 3 birds into the British Masters International One Loft Race 2022!

2nd Prize - Breeder £200 Rasbull Lofts Voucher - Buyer £200 Rasbull Lofts Voucher!

3rd Prize - Breeder £100 Pigeonbay Pet Superstore Voucher - Buyer £100 Pigeonbay Pet Superstore Voucher!

4th Prize - Breeder £50 Pigeonbay Pet Superstore Voucher- Buyer £50 Pigeonbay Pet Superstore Voucher!

To enter the event you can do so in one of three ways:-

1. Any Young Bird sold on Pigeonbay between the 1st January and 1st June will automatically qualify as long as the conditions are met detailed below in our rules. Anyone selling a bird via auction will also qualify for buy back birds at just £5 each.

2. You can purchase an entry voucher which will enable you to enter your own birds into the event where you will act as both breeder and buyer. We offer 1 bird (£15), 3 bird (£40), 6 bird (£75) vouchers which are available from the Pigeonbay Pet Superstore.

3. You can win an entry in our weekly Bonus Ball competition which takes place on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pigeonbaycouk


Open to any fancier in the United Kingdom

No limit on amount of entries

Free entry to any young bird bought or sold on Pigeonbay from 1st January 2021 - 1st June 2021

The Buyer / Seller completes the checkout process correctly and the correct details are logged on the site.

The Seller pays the commission payable to the site for pigeon(s) sold.

The Seller can't buy their own birds at auction and qualify for the Breeder Buyer.

Anyone selling a young bird via auction will qualify for a buy back bird at just £5.

Entry via voucher purchased only through the Pigeonbay Pet Superstore

Entry can be won through our weekly Bonus Ball game - details on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pigeonbaycouk

Birds bought or sold on Pigeonbay qualifies the seller/buyer into the event but ring number can changed if required but the seller retains their Breeder status for the purpose of the event regardless of ring number submitted.

Any entry into the Breeder Buyer is able to be given to another fancier to race if required. This will allow fanciers who don't race to purchase a bird and also be able to compete in the Breeder Buyer. The Buyer name will remain unchanged for this purpose.

Ring Numbers to be submitted by the 5th June 2021

No changes to ring list after the the 6th June 2021 under any circumstance (24 hrs to confirm any discrepancies in the list)

We will publish submission forms so all competitors can submit their performances for each bird in the event at the end of the young bird season. All performances will be verified by Club and Federation secretaries.

Closing date for submissions is the 1st November 2021.

The 5 judges selected will have no involvement what so ever with the Pigeonbay Breeder Buyer

The judges will take the whole seasons performances into consideration rather than only 1 performance in determining the winners.

The Panel of 5 judges will vote on the winning 4 pigeons and will place in order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Result will be confirmed on Pigeonbay Facebook page 1st December 2021.

In the event of no birds being submitted all birds who are on the original ring list will go into a live random draw.

In the unlikely event of racing not taking place, the event will be postponed and all entrants will select another bird the following year.

Maximum of £5.95 on any single order placed on Pigeonbay Pet Superstore! Please check delivery zone chart to ensure you live within the delivery zone. England, Wales and parts of Scotland are included. Please check before placing your order. Please allow up between 3-7 days for delivery.

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