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Hello, I am the Managing Director of Pigeonbay Limited, an online marketplace for pigeon products and pigeon auctions. We started trading in October 2020 and have over 2,000+ members currently on the site and have sold over £80,000 worth of pigeons and products during this time. Some of the sales we have hosted include the British Masters One Loft Race Final Sale which raised £12,500, The Birkenhead Fire Fundraiser which raised £12,000, South West Glamorgan Federation which raised £4,600 and the Prince of Wales One Loft Race Final Sale which raised £4,000. 

We are currently in discussions with some of the leading companies in the pigeon industry regarding selling their products through our site. We have just announced Harkers, Colin Leask Radionic Products, Shropshire One Loft Race, Roadhog Lofts and Rasbull Lofts as sponsors on the site and we are in discussions with other leading names in the pigeon sport.  
Our intention is to create a unique online marketplace for pigeon fanciers. The site operates on the same platform Ebay uses and we have been busy developing the site over the last 18 months. We charge just 13% commission to sell birds on the site and this is significantly lower than most auction sites in the UK. 
We are actively looking for sponsors for our Pigeonbay Breeder Buyer which had 435 entries last year and paid out £1,700 in prize money. The winners were judged by John Crehan, Derek Nicholls, Mark Evans, Dave Aitkin and Johnannes Schoeman. The event is a performance based Breeder Buyer so open to every fancier in the UK and Ireland. Every young bird sold on the site is automatically entered into the event. In return for sponsorship, your company logo will be displayed on our homepage and also every auction lot will also feature a clickable link through to your site. Your company logo will also appear on all adverts we place in the British Homing World. We are purposely keeping the amount of sponsors to a minimum to ensure our sponsors receive maximum exposure!
We are fully registered with Companies House and our details can be found on the Company House website.
If you are interested in selling, sponsoring or working with Pigeonbay Limited please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our website can be found at 
Thank you 
Richard Shepherd – Managing Director, Pigeonbay Limited