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Reward Points

Introducing our 3% Reward Scheme - Earn as you spend!
We have now implemented a 3% reward scheme on Pigeonbay for all members. Whatever you purchase on the site you will now receive 3% back in points which you can spend on future purchases! The points can be spent on pigeons, products, One Loft Vouchers, Breeder Buyer tickets, in fact everything available on Pigeonbay!
This is a great reward scheme for our members and will reward people who use the site regularly. Where else can you earn rewards for buying pigeons to put towards products, One loft entry costs or equipment?
All points you are earning will be displayed on the checkout page before you complete any order. You can keep a check on your points balance in 'Your Account' section of the website.
When you wish to use your points simply redeem the points at the checkout and the discount will be applied!
An example would be £500 One Loft Race voucher costing £500 you would pay £500 and Pigeonbay would credit you back £15.00 in points which you could then use towards buying a bird or products on the site on your next order.
You could save the points up throughout the year and accumulate the points. For example you could have £300 worth of points. You check out a One Loft Voucher for £500 but use the points (£300) and then you would only pay £200 for your One Loft Entries! You would also get points back on this order as well to start the process again!
We have setup this scheme to reward our members and make Pigeonbay an unique marketplace where you can buy birds, products, One Loft Entries in fact anything pigeon related and earn reward points whilst you are doing so!
Where else can you purchase pigeons and earn money back as rewards to spend on products or One Loft Vouchers?
We will be holding regular competitions with points given as prizes which will be credited to your online account that you can use how you like!
We are super excited about this new points reward system and it will most definitely pay to shop on Pigeonbay moving forward!

Reward Point Scheme
  • Pigeonbay operates a loyalty reward scheme for all members.
  • You will earn 3% of the sale value back as reward points for each order you place on Pigeonbay.
  • The points are worth 3p per point.
  • The points can be used for future purchases on Pigeonbay.
  • To redeem the points against a purchase please enter the points at the checkout you wish to redeem and your order will be updated showing the discount applied.
  • You can track your points in 'My Account' section of the site.
  • Pigeonbay will offer points as marketing techniques through our social media platforms and these will be credited to your account.
  • The points are not redeemable for cash under any circumstance and can only be redeemed against a future order on Pigeonbay.