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Pigeonbay Directors

Pigeonbay Limited - Meet the Directors

The Managing Director and founder of the company is Richard Shepherd from Brecon, Mid Wales. A Care home manager and owner of Rasbull Lofts Specialist Breeding Loft who is responsible for breeding 2 x 1st Welsh South East National in last 2 years. Richard is in charge of day to day running of the company as well as maintaining the website, social media and correspondence.

Commercial Director Tennyson Tipper from Aberdare, South Wales, is no stranger to the pigeon auction scene. Tenny has been at the forefront of charity auctions for a number of years and has helped raise over 20k this year for worthy causes. Tenny has also been the driving force of a record breaking breeder buyer in his own club which at its peak was paying out £1,300 on every race. Tenny's role as Commercial Director is to oversee the sales and marketing, develop professional relationships with potential vendors and speak to customers old and new.

Pigeonbay Limited - What we offer

Richard and Tenny have worked together on several auctions this year and felt there was a massive gap in the market for an online pigeon site that caters for fanciers looking to sell one spare pigeon, a group of pigeons, clearance sale, club/federation breeder buyers through to one loft end of year sales. In addition to pigeon sales, Pigeonbay has been specifically designed to facilitate the sale of all pigeon equipment on the site through auctions and stores making it a unique marketplace for pigeon fanciers. Pigeonbay allows people to list their own auctions or products at just 13% or Pigeonbay will do that for you for a 13% fee.

One thing we will continue to offer is free charity work. Anyone looking to hold a charity sale please get in touch. The use of our auction platform will of course remain totally free for this purpose!

We hope you enjoy the site!

Richard & Tenny

Pigeonbay Limited